Velvet Range Landscape Kangaroo Paws have gone back to basics and regathered the toughness of the original larger varieties, but with a mid sized height.

Why then is Ozbreed's Velvet Range of Kangaroo Paw different from other Kangaroo Paws?

Simply the Ozbreed Velvet Range of Kangaroo Paws are:

  • Tough
    (very drought tolerant and better frost tolerance)
  • Cleaner Foliage
    (more disease tolerant, much more resistant to black spot)
  • Mid Sized
    (smaller ones get disease, and larger ones although tough
    may be too large for many landscapes)

Previously, landscapers, landscape architects and designers avoided using Kangaroo Paws because of their weaknesses. Standard flavidus varieties of Kangaroo Paw are tall and tough, but generally their flowers are disappointing.
Unfortunately, too many smaller Kangaroo Paws, bred mainly for pot culture, have also been used in gardens and not surprisingly they fail within a short period. However, results from the Ozbreed Velvet Range of Landscape Kangaroo Paws research clearly demonstrates that they are a far more disease tolerant variety of Kangaroo Paw.

Click on a picture for a PDF fact sheet on one of the velvet Kangaroo paws in our range






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