Ozbreed is a well known plant and turf breeder specializing in grasses, and grass like ornamental plants, and tough drought tolerant turf varieties. Australian native strappy leaf plants include Lomandra plants such as Tanika and Nyalla, and popular Dianella plants such as Little Jess and Little Rev. Recently, Ozbreed has released beautiful tough Kangaroo Paws, and wonderful evergreen advanced trees. A new range of beautiful foliage plants have been released, including plants such as Liriope, Dianella, Lomandra, Phormium, combining to make the foliage first range of plants. The nursery growers grow many of the plants in pots, Viro-cells and Viro-Tubes, with many of our licensed nurseries also growing wetland plants, trees shrubs and native grasses, which are well suited to revegitation projects.

Click on an image below for a fact sheet on one of the Ozbreed grasses we supply.

Little Rev