We are one of South Australia's biggest Native Nursery's. Located in Coromandel East South Australia we specialize in Australian native plants in all their various forms and variety's. We supply to wholesale to governments, landscapers, schools, parks and gardens and have an extensive retail department. We have three unique Businesses under the Coromandel Native Banner. We have incorporated Adelaide Advanced Trees and the South Australian division of Creative Grasses. Having these three nursery's working together to provide all your gardening and landscape needs.

We have horticultural trained staff to help with plant and landscaping advise. New and unusual plants are always available. Our Grafted Grevilleas and Eucalyptus are of particular interest because of their beauty and suitability to South Australian conditions. We have advanced Grass trees from Western Australia that are better suited to our climate than the trees from Queensland which are normally sold here.

Our nursery viewed from above you can see the surrounding bushland
Having purchased the South Australian franchise of Creative Grasses we have an excellent range of native grasses with propagation done on site, so you can be sure the staff knows the stock they are selling. We are the only nursery in South Australia licensed to grow in Viro-cell, Viro-tubes and Flora edge .Viro-cells and tubes are an upside down pyramid shaped cell which is air trimmed. Native grasses are a great low maintenance weed control. They are hardy and grown especially for Australian conditions, and after establishment need very little water and maintenance. Most native grasses are great for revegitation projects. We contract grow small or large orders.
We are proud to grow grasses and strappy leaf plants under license from Ozbreed and Foliage first known for their drought tolerance.