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Betula 'Penci-2' - Royal Frost ™

Family: Betulaceae.
Landscape value: An excellent cultivar for providing a dark foliage in the landscape, where it provides soft filtered shade. Has superior apical dominance and vigour in comparison with other purple leaved birches. Ideal for planting as a specimen or in a cluster or copse, particularly when used against complimentary foliage colours and surfaces.
Height: 10 metre(s)
Width: 5 metre(s)
Growth rate: Moderate to fast.
Habit: Broadly pyramidal.
Foliage: Elegant, triangular, dark purple, glossy leaves with red veins during spring and summer. Orange to red in autumn.
Flowers: Produces catkins that are of very little ornamental value. Overseas reports this tree to be seedless.
Bark: New growth has a dark almost black colouration. As the tree matures the bark develops a creamy white colour.
Tolerances: Prefers well drained, moist soils, but will tolerate some wetness and dryness for short periods of time. Also adaptable to a wide range of soil pH values.
Comments: A hybrid between Betula platyphylla x B. pendula purpurea 'Crimson Frost' and Betula platyphylla var. japonica 'Whitespire' that combines the best attributes of both cultivars. Best foliage colour in full sun.